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The body of a nephew to the country’s current Minister of Environment and Energy (MINAE) was found on a beach in Santa Teresa, early this morning. The 18-year-old had been missing since Thursday.

Emergency officials report the Liberia-resident had been swimming with family when a wave broke over him and six others. Many were family members to Minister René Castro, reported San José Red Cross. 

18 April 2014 | 12:52pm
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Costa Rica

La Olla, Alajuela.
Photo: Checho Hidalgo
17 April 2014

Lynnfield native is found dead in Nicaragua - The Boston Globe

SUBMISSION | Semana Santa Security Update

Guy in a black car was in the BCR car park today [Monday] breaking into cars whilst people were in the bank. Just to remind people be extra vigilant this Semana Santa!!

People are driving like idiots too and more trash appearing!!

PS Police were called but nobody came.

16 April 2014 | 1pm
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Costa Rica


Four hikers who went missing yesterday afternoon near Alajuelita were found in good health by Red Cross officials around 2am, reported La Nación

The male hikers ranged in age from 13 to 41, said Red Cross, which received a phone call from one of the men, saying they no longer knew where they were on a mountain. 

A team of 12 search and rescue personnel were involved in the 10-hour search. 

Hundreds killed while defending environment, land rights
From:The Peoples Record

Hundreds of people have been killed while defending the environment and land rights around the world, international monitors said in a report released Tuesday, highlighting what they called a culture of impunity surrounding the deaths.

At least 908 people were killed in 35 countries from 2002 to 2013 during disputes over industrial logging, mining, and land rights – with Latin America and Asia-Pacific being particularly hard-hit – according to the study from Global Witness, a London-based nongovernmental organization that says it works to expose economic networks behind conflict, corruption and environmental destruction.

Only 10 people have ever been convicted over the hundreds of deaths, the report said.

The rate of such deaths has risen sharply – with an average of two activists killed each week – over the past four years as competition for the world’s natural resources has accelerated, Global Witness said in the report titled “Deadly Environment.”

“There can be few starker or more obvious symptoms of the global environmental crisis than a dramatic upturn in the killings of ordinary people defending rights to their land or environment,” said Oliver Courtney, a senior campaigner for Global Witness.

“This rapidly worsening problem is going largely unnoticed, and those responsible almost always get away with it,” Courtney said.

The report’s release followed a dire warning by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which said global warming is driving humanity toward unprecedented risk due to factors such as food and water insecurity. Global Witness said this puts environmental activists in more danger than ever before.

Land rights are central to the violence, as “companies and governments routinely strike secretive deals for large chunks of land and forests to grow cash crops,” the report said. When residents refuse to give up their land rights to mining operations and the timber trade, they are often forced from their homes, or worse, it said.

The study ranked Brazil as the most dangerous place to be an environmentalist, with at least 448 killings recorded.

One case that especially shocked the country and the global environmental movement involved the 2011 killings of environmentalists Jose Claudio Ribeira da Silva and his wife, Maria do Espirito Santo da Silva.

“The couple had denounced the encroachment of illegal loggers in the reserve and had previously received threats against their lives,” the report said.

Masked men gunned down the couple near a sustainable reserve where they had worked for decades producing nuts and natural oils. The killers tore off one of Jose Claudio’s ears as proof of his execution.

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Semana Santa means places to be and things to do!

15 Tuesday Karaoke at Maxwell’s, 8pm.

16 Wednesday Las Brisas Ladies’ Night is sure to be bubbling over with people this week, 10pm free drinks for las mujeres.

17 Thursday Charly Lopez is back in town; that means another Open Mic at The Shack, 7pm.

18 Friday Charly Lopez plays his greatest hits at the “Viernes de Bahia” in the palapa, 6pm.  Local Legend returns to set at The Shack, 8pm.

19 Saturday Zapata’s Karaoke at Bar La Perla, 8pm.

15 April 2014 | 6:35pm 
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Potrero’s aqueduct is back under control of the community and national officials should never have intervened, reported Costa Rican daily La Nación today.

The AyA takeover of the small fishing village’s aqueduct, authorized by a Santa Cruz judge earlier this year, was last month annulled by a Santa Cruz tribunal

According to the tribunal, the original complaint “never indicated the civil servants [of the community-run aqueduct association, or ASADA] were carrying out any actions which were harming the aqueduct or moreover jeopardizing the health of the residents”, said the resolution.

The ruling also stated officials from the national water and sewage authority (AyA) must start a dialogue with the community of Potrero.

However, the legal director of the AyA, Rodolfo Lizano, asserts this ruling does not affect a constitutional court (Sala Constitucional), which ordered the AyA take control over the water system; and for the ASADA to allow it.  

"What is important here is that there has been a great opening up on behalf of the Institute (AyA) to carry out a dialogue, and more than that, a call to the community that we would benefit from talking and clearing up all the controversy," he said.

President of Potrero’s ASADA, Leonel Duarte, responded by saying the ASADA was right testing water pressure for the new pipes before flushing the system: “We’re not sleeping under a cinnamon tree here,” he said.

"We’re working very hard."

Both parties said they were hoping for a favorable outcome from a judicial arbitration set for August. 

15 April 2014 | 6:27pm
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Costa Rica

¡AL CHILE!Hotel LysPlaya Montezuma15 April 2014 

Hotel Lys
Playa Montezuma
15 April 2014 

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SUBMISSIONS | Surfside Security Alert

Thieves are among us. Some one just popped my bedroom windows lock and got spooked when the alarm went off. Nothing was taken.

The security came right to Perlas and let us know the alarm was going off. Be careful and lock up tight and set your alarms.

- Sally Duncan


Yep, it is happening. All that humidity and sweat led to this moment: our first rain!

While we would normally say get out and dance in the street, this week, that might be a little dangerous. But we are sure you will be able to find somewhere nice to do a little rain dance in celebration and inhale some fresh dirt smell.

Enjoy Potrero!

15 April 2014 | 5:16pm 
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Costa Rica

A destructive tsunami was not generated based on earthquake and historical tsunami data…

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an all clear, following a 6.6-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Nicaragua earlier today. 

According to USGS, the quake struck at a depth of 115km. 

11 April 2014 | 6:42pm 
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Costa Rica