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En los senderos solo se puede ingresar con carros de doble tracción y a pie el camino está en mal estado por lo que las personas adultas mayores o niños no pueden pasar por ahí…

"You can only get to the trails with four-wheel drive and the foot of the road is in such bad condition the elderly and children cannot go through there…"

Kevin Moreno, president of Playa Potrero’s Development Association (ADI), commenting on the relative inaccessibility of Playa Danta and Dantita to the public. Moreno said one of the wooden footbridges is being eaten away and completely unsafe. 

Joined by Leonel Duarte, president of the community-run aqueduct (ASADA), last week Moreno publicly accused the Las Catalinas megaproject of limiting public access to nearby beaches, as well as the old road between Sardinal and Playas del Coco.

"In 2005 the Sala Constitucional and the Sala Tercera  forced the public road open in Jacó," said Rene Orellana Meléndez, a lawyer from Playa Potrero. “The same needs to happen here.”

Yet Las Catalinas’ director of community and environmental affairs, Michael García, disagrees, maintaining public access to the beaches has been available since 2010. He said the tourist project that year donated the terrain for the trails to the municipality, which, he added, should be responsible for their upkeep.

"We’re open to meeting with residents to find a solution to this, but we don’t share their version of the facts, since it’s not correct."

31 August 2014 | 9pm
Potrero Post
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Eight Flamingo Coast Guards were arrested Friday on suspicion of illegally confiscating seafood, including octopus and snapper. 

Judicial Police (OIJ) from Santa Cruz said the arrests came after the national Director of the Coast Guard, Martín Arias, had been made aware of the apparently ongoing activity. 

The officers, identified by last name onlyJuárez, Campos, Membreño, Correa, Soto, Ortíz and two by the last name Jiménez—were arrested while leaving the Flamingo station in their personal vehicles. 

The seafood they had with them was presumed to have been “confiscated” the day before.

Meanwhile, some Potrero locals allege the area’s Coast Guards have long taken bribes of seafood caught illegally (using illegal nets or lines, fishing within a distance illegal from shore, poaching certain species) as long as they ignore the activity. 

31 August 2014 | 8:11pm
Potreo Post 
Costa Rica


21 Thursday Turn your radios on to 99.5 right now. Radio Dos is DJing out of Flamingo Beach Hotel until 7pm.

22 Friday Bahia del Sol hosts a night with Exitos en Español, 5pm.

We wanted to share an event our neighbors in Negra are putting on to Salve Los Monos. Check it out at Villa Deevena.

DJ Zapata hosts karaoke at Tiki’s Seaside Grille in Brasilito, 7pm.

It’s The Shack's last full day for the season. Get in as many chimichangas and fish & chips that you can!

23 Saturday Karaoke at Perlas with Joff, 8pm.

24 Sunday The Club at Mar Vista is having another night for musicians to find their groove, jam and for everyone else to enjoy, 4pm.

21 Agosto 2014 | 5:22pm
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Costa Rica


Today makes the third day in a row with decent rain. Finalmente, we can breathe a little easier with the much needed water!

20 Agosto 2014 | 7:12pm
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Locals of Potrero are looking for workers with experience with gabillones to start immediately. Please call 8915-4406 or email segersdirk@hotmail.com.

SUBMISSIONS | Surfside Green Zones

As a result of recent activity near the Windsong Apartments, there has been some discussion of green zones in Surfside.

While some aspects of the green zone areas in Surfside can be quite complex, other aspects are simple. First, a person is required by law to obtain a permit through the Municipality of Santa Cruz before starting any activity in a green zone.

Second, the green zone areas are not for sale, nor can they be sold, regardless of any sales that have occurred in the past.

Third, there is a legal requirement for communities to include green zone areas in their zoning plans.

Finally, the Surfside Property Owners Association has not taken ‘sides’ either for or against anyone involved in or expressing an opinion about the activity behind the Windsong Apartments. The original developers of Surfside had a vision of a community, which included common community areas with swimming pools, parks, clubhouses, beach front parks and other amenities.

While these have not been realized, we feel it is prudent to protect the green zones so that this may come to pass, how ever far into the future that may be.


Richard Pease
Secretary, Surfside Property Owners Association
17 August 2014

¡AL CHILE!A chat with Carlos Munoz, winner of the 2014 Hurley Pro Video Trials. Meet the Costa Rican phenom here.
Photo | @aspworldtour


A chat with Carlos Munoz, winner of the 2014 Hurley Pro Video Trials. Meet the Costa Rican phenom here.

Photo | @aspworldtour

(Source: aspworldtour)


As many of you may know, the Tamarindo Airport has been shut down since May of this year due to runway safety concerns. The scheduled date of reopening has passed, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been movement, as far as bringing air-traffic back to our coastal area.

CRHoy.com reported government officials and local entrepreneurs met within Reserva Conchal recently to scout land that would be donated for a 900 meter runway. Further technical studies of the area will continue the hopes of a new airport.

16 Agosto 2014 | 6:27pm
Potrero Post 
Costa Rica


We know you are out playing Bingo tonight at Marie’s to benefit Abriendo Mentes, and then going to Las Brisas for Ladies’ Night), but for the rest of the week…

14 Thursday  Evan and Killian host the night’s Radio Dos (99.5fm) Live Show at the Flamingo Beach Resort with drink specials and karaoke to follow, 5pm-7pm.

The Shack hosts their last event of the season with Ludo and friends, 8pm.

15 Friday It’s Mother’s Day folks, so you better treat your mom well:

Bahia del Sol: Yerbabuena plays their magic as a free Bellini is handed out to all of the ladies (along of course with free marshmallows for the bonfire), 5pm-11pm.

Marie’s: Pedro’s acoustic show accompanies dinner and drink specials, including free dessert and an after dinner drink for moms, 5pm-9pm.

16 Saturday KJ Joff keeps the karaoke rocking at Perlas, 8pm.

Side note: A special shout out to the mother’s of the crew at Potrero Post!

13 Agosto 2014 | 8:18pm
Potrero Post 
Costa Rica


Another side to the story on the Flamingo Beach Road from the Bulevar Las Olas de Flamingo Committee:

To the members of our Flamingo Community, especially those interested in promoting tourism, environmental protection, job creation and increased property values:

Unfortunately some incomplete and erroneous information has been circulating the community under the guise of fighting “the Closure of the Flamingo Beach Road.” In fact, this project is actually the creation of a beautiful and functional public access boulevard called the “Waves of Flamingo Beach.”

More than a decade ago, the Flamingo Marina served as an economic engine promoting tourism growth and spurring the creation of many small businesses in our area. It was a draw for many to make Guanacaste’s Gold Coast their home. However, the closing of the Marina operations— which was in no small part provoked by petty disagreements, political infighting and a lack of communication and information-sharing—left our community stagnating , while other areas in the region have prospered and benefited from the expansion of the Oduber International Airport in Liberia.

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Orcas were spotted yesterday playing in the wake of a boat just off Playa Brasilito, relayed Alito Vasquez, who took this photo and posted video of the small pod (see this post by Alito Vasquez).

These could be transient orcas, said Russ Nicks, an associate with the Transient Killer Whale Research Project based out of British Columbia, Canada. Transient orcas are one of four types of orca, distinguished by range and diet. Unlike resident orca, which prey mainly on salmon, trasietns are mammal-hunting killer whales, also known as Bigg’s killer whales.

11 August 2014
Potrero Post 
Costa Rica
Go on and get your bingo on.

Go on and get your bingo on.